This is why we do what we do.

We support entrepreneurs in building market leading companies. Our unique blend of skills and focused experience has proven beneficial to our portfolio companies time and again. See for yourself.

Jay Ray

President & CEO, Adaptas Solutions

“In our first three years we have completed five acquisitions that have solidified our leadership position among mass spectrometer OEMs. Ampersand has been a valued strategic partner and provided the resources to build our organization to support this rapid growth. Their knowledge of our industry and network are helping Adaptas Solutions reach its maximum potential.”

Mark Bamforth

President & CEO, Brammer Bio & Arranta Bio

“As a CEO working with Ampersand, I had an expanded team on my side. Their commitment and knowledge of the life sciences service sector means that they have a deep understanding of business strategy and seek to add value as a strategic partner for both acquisitions and organic growth. Ampersand backed the Brammer Bio Leadership team to make bold, impactful decisions that enabled us to establish the market leadership position in our field.”

Peter Malecha

President & CEO, Elite One Nutritional Services

“As CEO of two separate investments with Ampersand over fifteen years, the individuals I worked with changed but the quality and integrity that runs deep at Ampersand remained. They are true business partners in every sense. True investor character surfaces when the chips are down, and things get tough. At these times Ampersand is there to assist, but not dictate. They are a great resource that understands the intricacies of growing a business successfully.”

Benoit Bouche

President & CEO, Nexelis

“With over 30 years of exposure to healthcare private equity groups of all sizes, Ampersand has the best team of professionals I have ever met. They possess deep sectorial knowledge, actively contribute to strategic thinking and M&A, and maintain a supportive attitude for fully transparent discussions and collaboration.”

Dean Schaeur

President & CEO, Confluent Medical Technologies

“Having worked in the Medical Device Industry with multiple private equity firms, Ampersand has one of the best teams I have experienced. They possess shared organizational values, character, intelligence, and humility. They are a straightforward and honest group that provides outstanding collaborative support to their portfolio management teams.”

Tom Galati

Founder, StageBio

“I am 2 years into my partnership with Ampersand and am thankful to have taken them on as an equity partner. With Ampersand’s help, StageBio has grown revenue and market share substantially. More importantly, we have formed an executive team focused on operational excellence and sound management.”

Dan Calvo

President & CEO, Assay Designs & Gyros Protein Technologies

“I have worked with Ampersand twice as a CEO over the last decade. I have been continuously impressed by their deep knowledge in the life science market, operational guidance, and the culture they promote within the companies in which they invest. They seek to empower the executive team to establish and execute strategic and operational plans to increase the value of the company for customers, employees and shareholders.”

Peter Li

President & CEO, Nexcelom Bioscience

“The Ampersand team has been incredibly helpful in developing Nexcelom to the next level. They bring a wealth of invaluable industry knowledge, insight, and connections to the company. Partnering with Ampersand has helped Nexcelom attract management talent, upgrade business infrastructure, and strategically expand into new geographic locations and new customer communities.”

Amy Liao

President & CEO, GENEWIZ

“Ampersand provided valuable support and guidance with strategic discussions, M&A opportunities, and development of new capabilities. We felt extremely fortunate to have Ampersand as a strategic investor in GENEWIZ.”

*The information provided above, including that from our Operating Partners, is intended for the management of growth companies interested in partnering with Ampersand and to demonstrate the benefits of working with the Ampersand Team. The information is not provided to solicit limited partners for any Ampersand Fund and is not intended to describe any limited partner’s experience in an Ampersand Fund. The information is not appropriate for current or prospective limited partners in an Ampersand Fund and should not be considered an actual or implied endorsement of Ampersand with respect to its investment advisory activities.